Customised high quality Sails.

Cruising Sails

Our Cruising sails are built to the same high standards of design and performance that you’d expect in a racing sail.
The only difference is that we select materials with more emphasis on their durability, reliability and longevity.
Just because you are cruising doesn’t mean you want slow sails!

Racing Sails

As a former dinghy and keelboat racer, with several National titles under his belt, Philip knows what sail shapes are needed to race fast.
With over forty years experience, gained in a huge variety of yachts, he has amassed detailed knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work. Why not tap into that experience by calling him now.

David O'Brien, Afloat Magazine

One Design Sails

We use Prosail design software and have records going back over twenty years of fast sail shapes for nearly every Class raced in Ireland (many of which are International Classes)